Alarko-Carrier Microsite

Date: 30 July 2018


With its “Global Climate Change” campaign it held since 2014, Alarko Carrier wanted to create a positive brand image by showing its commitment to awareness of global climate.

Our task, therefore, was to use our social media expertise for this globally-aware campaign. At the end of the day, the well-being of humanity was at risk and therefore we put our hearts into it.


To increase impressions and participation, we could not restrict ourselves to the land of digital. We, therefore, were inspired by nature and cultivated the roots of brand-new idea as if it’d spring from the soil of earth.

We asked from users to submit nature-aware pictures by using the hashtag #globalclimate and tagging @alarkocarrier so that everybody could vote for the best. For us, this project deserved the same care as nature itself. As such, the project started its budding period.

Our Actions

We mixed information and nature with our creativity to create a microsite. We added to our panel

each relevant picture submitted to our Twitter and Instagram accounts and made it public for voting. It must have been so useful that the reach of our microsite spread organically. So, we literally took root on social media with Alarko.

The End Result

We made sure the campaign reached a broader audience by collaborating with an Instagram influencer called @ahmet.erdem. His feed posts had 1.8M impressions, and his stories had 156K impressions.

On Twitter and Instagram, total of 2.765 pictures were submitted.

14.758 users visited the microsite in 45 days.

5.709 users voted for the first 50 pictures.

Single Users