The real contact of the media with the consumer, started with digital. The media needs to be digitized to reach the consumer and feed on it.


Media and Digital Cooperation

Media is at the forefront of the sectors that Digital Transformation is most influencing and transforming. The media industry is trying to adapt itself to this in a transformational environment where consumption of rich content independent of time and space, content consumption reaching unbelievable speeds and volumes, accessibility increasing year by year. Can it adapt? The world’s largest media organizations are making a great effort to benefit from digital transformation. This great conversion has enabled digital TV to interfere with conventional TV media. It is no more TV, it is video. As AFI, we are in the midst of the Media Sector and Digital Transformation. The work we did with the leading media organizations in Turkey, we answered the question: ”how digital communications should be done in a media company?” And we continue. We are working on a media product to get the maximum benefit from this conversion.

How digital transforming the media?

Too fast and too strong. The former heavyweights of the media industry are probably a little upset. But there is nothing to do, digital conversion of the media is a necessity. Fro example, Twitter is not a children playground. It is an ocean of data where tv audience is measured for tv series. It is a feedback world where it forces scriptwriters to change some scenes. The most important change that affects this sector is that the content produced by the media industry all over the world can reach independent consumers in time and space. Video on demand: It is a revolution! And with unlimited content choices. Thanks to live broadcasts, our homes are now tv studios. 30% of the main news in the mainstream media in Turkey are shaped by Whatsapp Warning Lines. It is not done; this transformation is not done yet, it is just starting.

AFI and Media

The work we made with local and global media organizations in Turkey as AFI, made us special in this area and allowed us to obtain very different experiences. Respectively the AFI team made Dogus Broadcasting Group’s digital listening, tracking and analysis of all TV, Radio channels and printed publications for 1 year; TRT World’s social media account management since the first day; digital communications and social media account management of tv series Filinta Mustafa, İsimsizler, Zeyrek ile Çeyrek, Aslan Biraderler, Son Çıkış; social media account management of TRT Music; social media management of beIN Sports, beIN Gurme which is affiliated to Digiturk (beIN Media Group). In every new media experience, we are trying to put on our learnings and follow the global trends in this area and increase our added value. Besides, working with the media sector has added flexibility to work in the evening or on weekends to our team. We shape our team according to the needs of the media brands we work with (such as working in the studio when necessary) and adjust our schedules accordingly.

Services We Offer to the Media Sector

Increase Viewer Interaction
Real-Time Social Media Communication Management
Scenario Affinity Report
Crisis Management
Digital Communications Performance Reporting
Creating and Managing Communities