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Turkcell Sign Language App

We did a great job for the Turkcell Sign Language App.

We want to do something different to remove the barriers between disabled people and us. The project was fun and impressive.

Client: Turkcell
Date: 1 December 2017
Services: Digital Project


Turkcell’s Sign Language app project had to be explained differently from the usual social responsibility projects. In this campaign, we also wanted to make the application as promising and different as possible in a wider audience.


We wanted to include memorability and fun to our work. Our thoughts we kneaded with our love were at the point of telling the application with Influencers.Thus, we have reached a wider audience and have announced the application in a fun way.

What did we do?

We know that nobody is more nor less. We have prepared a list of 6 influencers for Turkcell’s Sign Language App, which has actualised the sentence. The most important point when preparing this list was that the influencers were really people who would like to come to this work with fondness. We have come together with 6 influencers after a long research. When we explained the project to them, we felt that they are really excited and willing for this project. After that we introduced these influencers to our brand. Then we got our approval and we started to shoot!

turkcell işaret dilim
turkcell işaret dilim
turkcell işaret dilim
turkcell işaret dilim
turkcell işaret dilim

What did we reach?

At the end of the project, the first trailer reached 9 million people. Is that it? Of course not! Thousands of social media users were not indifferent and shared the video on their personal accounts. It was a very good job to remove the obstacles.