Game of Thrones

We did something in the winter of 2017. But why?

They said ‘Winter is coming’ , so we wanted to raise the awareness of people against the White Walkers. Eventually, everything for Westeros’ prosperity.

Client: Digiturk
Date: 10 July 2017
Services: Digital Project


We wanted to announce that Game of Thrones’ 7th Season will be aired in our brand Digiturk. We communicated with the Game of Thrones fans because we wanted them to watch the series’ new season from Digiturk.


We thought like a real Stark, we dreamed like Lannister, and we reached the thought of  “a real fan should know even the slightest detail about the series”.

What did we do?

We are no Targaryen… We don’t have dragons, we couldn’t fly! Nevertheless, we reached a certain altitude and developed a project. We created a Game Of Thrones module on our brand Digiturk’s website and invited all Game of Thrones fans to solve the test with little details about the series. We asked 15 hard questions in the test and presented a monthly package to all the Westeros people who answered all questions correctly.


What did we achieve?

At the end of the campaign; a total of 267 people answered the questions. 45 people responded correctly to all the questions and proved that they are born in Westeros. Well, did we do well? We did well!