Influencer Marketing;
the most talked digital marketing
trend in recent years.
What do we know about it?


How do we identify Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one of the most preferred marketing methods in recent years. At the heart of Influencer Marketing lies in telling people through an Influencer who has a group of people who can influence their thoughts and decisions rather than directly telling a product or service as a brand. The Influencer Marketing method, which we can describe as a subdivision of the Celebrity Endorsement tactic that has been used for so many years, enables brands to tell their products and services with a reasonable budget and an internet reputation that is more important than the high-priced Celebrity Endorsement tactic.

Who is an ‘Influencer’?

Influencer, in the first place, is a human being. Although this is perhaps the simplest definition to make, it is an important point that brands generally miss. Because Influencer projects are not B2B projects, they are B2H (Business to Human) projects. Influencer is the person who has the power to direct and influence the mass of followers with the content he/she produces. It may be a celebrity already recognized in the mainstream media, or someone who is unrecognized by anyone but creates massive amounts of money through social media.

Ekin Beril
Lee Samantha
İdil Tatari
İdil Yazar

Why Influencer Marketing is important?

We can summarize the importance of Influencer Marketing in several key areas:

Influencer Marketing is natural

The product or service is told by a normal person who is one of us, rather than a cast character or an actor. That is why it’s natural. When you focus on an advertising product or service, in the right Influencer Marketing project Influencer takes more experience and storytelling. This allows the product or service to be perceived more positively by the consumer.

Influencer Marketing is measurable

Influencer Marketing can be measured numerically. This makes price performance analysis much easier.

Influencer Marketing is productive

Influencer Marketing, while serving its marketing goal, leaves more in-depth influence on consumers. Especially with cost advantage, domino effect and durability, it produces more efficient results.

Influencer Marketing is sustainable

The most important thing in our work is speed. When we work efficiently and channel our effort to the right spots, urgent coded works become part of our routine for us.