Today, ideas that evolve with technology, are transferred to the
consumer with the perception of tomorrow.


From a boutique agency culture to a Holistic Digital Agency

AFI was founded in 2010 with the vision to produce projects along with holistic approaches to brands in the communication and marketing worlds where the lines are embittered.


Everything that touches the digital is in our focus area, even if it comes from offline.

We offer solutions for the marketing goals of brands.

We set out specific strategies for each of social media outlets.

We carry out special studies on a large scale from spreading of brand messages to target audience to crisis management.

With the strategy and operation team, we produce long-lasting digital communication projects that complement each other.

We are unable to slow down, thus we land on the field, we use the latest techniques to perform production activities.


Yes instead of No, Family instead of Team

The combination of individual responsibilities and labor, solving unsolvable problems, effort being more important than anything else, being able to make the best of our winnings until the end… That’s the AFI Culture


In order to keep pace with the ever-changing marketing world, we act with a high sense of responsibility in everything we do.


The most important thing in our work is momentum. When we work efficiently and channel our effort to the right spots, urgent coded works become part of our routine for us.


It is part of our culture to measure and analyze both our production and social media activities for our sustainability.


Inspiration comes with hard-working. Creativity comes with blood and tears. It doesn’t come all of a sudden. That is the reason we work hard today for tomorrow’s creativity.


As AFI family, we never say "No!", Instead we prefer the question "How can we do this?" With our professional team members in their field, we solve the problems quickly by looking to them from different angles.


‘Success’ for us is to work together and win together.

We all come together from various cities, cultures, diverse experiences and work together. To work together and win together, to achieve together with a professional approach in respect.

Afşın Avcı

Managing Partner

Ahmet Beliktay

Agency Director

Ahmet Enes Semerci

Content Editor

Aygül Yalçın

Operation Menager

Demet Şöhret

Social Media Executive

Doruk Engin

Content Editor

Elsü Ebru İlgen

Content Editor

Emine Eren


emre gülen
Emre Gülen

Content Editor

Emre Karabacak

Content Editor

Emre Ünal
Emre Ünal

Account Executive

Emre Odunkesen

Sr. Content Editor

Gökhan Eskalen

Head of Social

Güner Durmaz

Content Editor

İrem Yıldız

Social Media Executive

Kübra Çakar

Account Executive

Kübra Kemahlıoğlu

Content Editor

Laurence Rega

Copywriter & Content Producer

Merve Ayanoğlu

Content Editor

Nilgün Mındık


Rıdvan Baydur

Creative Copywriter

Serhat Şengül

Digital Art Director

Sinan Yılmaz

Social Media Executive

Turgut Can Özdemir

Growth Hacker